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 The massage with bamboo sticks is very useful in fighting cellulite and blood circulation disorders. Pressure therapy is a painless procedure, during which the excessive liquid is removed from the body. This kind of therapy provides body modelling and is recommended to help prevent cellulite and as cellulite treatment.

Duration 60 min

45 €

Shirodhara oil massage is a relaxing procedure that helps remove negative emotions from your body and fully harmonize body and soul. The session starts with a heating massage, and then the warm oil is trickled into the centre of the forehead, where, according to the ancient beliefs, our “third eye” is located. This is where the energy is concentrated, which should be distributed evenly all over the body. The stimulation of this area leads to complete relaxation of body and soul, getting rid of depression, insomnia, and negative emotions.

Duration 60 min

62 €

Lifting treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation and moisturizing facial treatment

Exclusive facial treatment CatioLift Deluxe is a combination of the Mary Cohr’s two most popular treatments CatioVital + CatioLift , which gives the perfect result for the skin.The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30. Instant lifting effect, the facial skin and neck is tight, wrinkles smoothed. Skin is beautiful, moisturised, clean and complexion is radiant..

Duration 90 min

80 €

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