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Customer etiquette
  • The services of the Wellness Wellness Centre are not allowed in case of the following health conditions and illnesses: fever and/or viral infection or any other acute illness, contagious skin diseases.
  • Dress comfortably, remove jewellery, wristwatches and anything that could make the procedure painful or uncomfortable.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the treatment appointment.
  • In case of late arrival for the treatment, the service will be shortened by the delayed time.
  • For guests staying at the hotel, the following conditions apply: In case of no-show for the procedure and failure to inform, a penalty of 20 EUR will be applied and automatically added to the room bill. Please cancel your reservation at least one hour before the start of the procedure.
  • For your maximum well-being, please inform the treatment provider of the comfort and problem areas of the procedure, whether you are hot or cold, whether the treatment is painful or not.
Brand treatment
Cleopatra´s Dreams

Face and Body Treatment

The experts from the “Three Apples Spa”, inspired by the legendary beauty of Cleopatra, have developed an exquisite, rejuvenating face and body treatmen mint procedure, which combines luxurious rituals and the best ingredients of natural milk, honey, pearl, and mineral crystals.

Duration 90 min

90 €

Salt chamber

Pure Okoume wood salt room, for halotherapy and treatment, staying in the microclimate of natural salt grottos.

The walls are lined with pink Himalayan salt bricks and loose Himalayan salt is on the floor. The room is made of eco-friendly Okoume wood, which has the advantages of durability and moisture resistance. Himalayan salt, saturated with a huge range of beneficial microelements, is considered the purest in the world. The microclimate of the salt chamber maintains a stable humidity of 40/60%. This means that natural conditions have been restored in the room, making the procedure pleasant and uncomfortable.

Staying in the salt cave contributes to the prevention of upper respiratory diseases, bronchial diseases, skin diseases, stress, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. A visit to the salt room ensures that clients get a good night’s sleep.

Single visit 1 person 30 min 10 €

3 visits 25 €

6 visits 40 €


Adult + 1 child 12 €

Adult + 2 children 15 €

Adult + 3 children 17 €

2 adults + 1 child 18 €

2 adults + 2 children 22 €

Child 0-5 yo free of charge

Group visit (max 12 people including children) 30 min 60 €

Private family visit 30 min 25 €

Thai massages

Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage.
60 min 60.00 € / 90 min 70.00 € / 120 min 90.00 €

Thai oil massage
In this massage natural neutral oil is used.
60 min 65.00 € / 90 min 75.00 € / 120 min 95.00 €

Thai massage with aromatic oils
In this massage Thai massage and aromatherapy are to increase the positive effect of massage for your health.
60 min 70.00 € / 90 min 80.00 € / 120 min 100.00 €

Light legs
Thai relaxing foot massage.
60 min 45.00 € / 90 min 60.00 € / 120 min 75.00 €

Thai reflexology foot massage
Thai foot reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. Foot reflexology massage is a safe healing method full of benefits, that helps to solve many health problems.
60 min 45.00 € / 90 min 60.00 € / 120 min 75.00 €

Nature harmony
Thai relaxing foot massage, shoulders and head massage.
60 min 60.00 € / 90 min 70.00 € /120 min 90.00 €

Honey massage
The amazing combination of medical action of honey and massage improves blood circulation in deep layers of the skin and the muscles, improves feed of internal organs and fabrics, brings the toxins out from the body, increases lymph circulation and cleans the skin. After the massage your body will be not only improved, but also noticeably rejuvenated! The skin will be silky, elastic, hypodermic condensation will be smoothed. It is also applied as the treatment of the cellulitis.
60 min 80.00 €

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage
Rhythmic dance-like movements of the therapist’s hands and forearms are used to break-up fibrous deposits and lactic acid, improve circulation of blood and lymph, eliminate toxins and edema, alleviate muscle spasm, and increase metabolism. The therapist utilizes techniques such as compression, vibration, acupressure, deep-tissue work, range of motion of all joints, interactive resistance, and visceral (stomach) massage to achieve complete alignment of the body. A level of spirit is awakened through this work that penetrates deeply into a realm of ancient wisdom that truly inspires healing.
90 min 75.00 € / 120 min 95.00 €

Spa massages
SPA harmony

Relaxing Spa massage is a real care – anti-stress. The main purpose of this massage is the total relaxation of the body, relief of fatigue and stress, which is achieved by relaxing the muscles, helping to reduce the number of pulses received by the cerebral cortex. This reduces its overload and helps to relieve nervous tension.

Duration 50 min

50 €

Source of life

Classic Swedish massage
An easy and pleasant way to relieve stress and bring the body in order – this is a general classic massage. This massage soothes and stimulates the nervous system, helps to get rid of the salt deposits and improve the functioning of muscles and ligaments. Classic massage is for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Duration 45 min

55 €

Power of lava stones

Massage with volcanic stones conceals enormous opportunities for Your recovery. Harmonious combination of unique massage techniques, natural essential oils and hot stones, placed on key energy centers of the body, promotes deep relaxation of muscles and increases the intensity of metabolic processes, stimulating the flow of positive energy.

Duration 60 min

60 €

Energy of heat

This is an extremely pleasant and very useful therapy for the skin. Candle will create a special SPA-atmosphere, relieves fatigue, improves performance (both physical and mental), will make your skin soft and silky. Warm melted wax warms and perfectly relaxes the muscles, as well as moisturizes the skin. Candle for massage is completely natural product based on beeswax with the addition of coconut oil.

Duration 30 min

38 €

Aroma magic

The uniqueness of aromatherapy massage is in combining the two most ancient healing methods – the healing power of touch and aromatherapy. The combination of gentle manual therapy using natural essential oils will relieve You of stress, headaches, insomnia and general fatigue. You can choose the suitable aroma.

Duration 50 min

55 €

Beautiful back

Back massage is the best way to get rid of stress and pain in the neck, shoulder and back, also to relieve muscle spasms. This massage is performed by acting on the muscles of the neck area using a medical balm. Back massage improves blood circulation and removes general fatigue of back. Feel the powerful energy and vivacity.

Duration 30 min

38 €

Massage for children

The gentle body massage, which makes the child familiar with the miraculous world of SPA treatments. It is suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old. The massage for children is a pleasant procedure which improves the well-being of a child. It is very important to help the little naughty ones to relax and to strengthen their muscles, which will provide their healthy growth!

Duration 30 min

33 €

«SEA BREEZE» (Massage for pregnant women)

A special massage for pregnant women restores and harmonizes the energy balance of the body perfectly, and also helps to remove muscle spasms.

Duration 40 min

47 €

Slim figure

This massage is an effective way to model the figure and get rid of cellulite in the most “problematic” areas of the body – hips, buttocks and belly. It helps You to reduce the unsightly cellulite bumps, excess fluid and fat without use of surgical methods and medical equipment and still enjoy it! You will achieve better results by combining this massage with body wraps.

Duration 45 min

55 €

Sweet couple

During this luxury massage treatment You can relax and enjoy the time spent with the one you love. The treatment begins with a relaxing bath (20 minutes), followed by a relaxing massage with the application of moisturizing body milk.

Duration 50 min

78 €

Body treatments
Comfort zone Himalayan salt ritual

Comfort Zone has combined the ancient healing properties of Himalayan salt into a new 60 minute body treatment.
The treatment is designed as an effective year-round detoxification and revitalization option, ideal as a warming winter treatment or a revitalizing summer massage before or after sun exposure.
The treatment begins with a 20-minute body massage using warm Himalayan salt stones.
The treatment transitions into a 20-minute salt scrub/wrap using pink Himalayan salt and aromatic massage oil.
A short facial massage is performed during the wrap.
After the wrap, a finishing cream is applied.

Duration 60 min

Price 70 €

Comfort zone Cellulite intensive therapy 3 in 1

A “shock” procedure with a visible reshaping effect after just one session!
Stimulates lipolysis
Improves microcirculation
Provides lightness and strength

Duration 75 min

77 €

Comfort zone "Deep body renewal"

A smoothing, renewing and regenerating treatment for restored tone, elasticity and profound hydration for a soft, silky and compact skin. An ideal treatment during the change of seasons, especially the Spring and Fall and whenever the body needs a sense of restoration.

recommended for everyone! a sensorial cocooning and deeply relaxing experience for a complete transformation of the skin and tissues. ideal for skin that needs moisture and elasticity. it is safe and effective and has been especially tested during pregnancy to contrast stretch marks and maintain a supple and nourished skin

Duration 60 min

72 €

Comfort zone "Detox"

An intensive treatment with thermal water from Montalcino in Tuscany, with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essentials oils encourages a profound purification of tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote lipolytic action. ideal for an express detox action of the more troublesome areas of the body, especially thighs, glutes and abdomen. Highly recommended for treating cellulite

Duration 60 min

72 €

Vacuslim 48


  • Instantly visible results after the first procedure
  • Noticeable reduction in cellulite
  • Non-invasive body contouring
  • Skin tightening
  • Smooth and elastic satin-like skin with less visible stretch marks
  • Loss of circumference from 8 to 19 cm (in total, on average, measured in specific areas) after the first procedure
  • Detoxification (activation of lymphatic flow and elimination of accumulated fluids and toxins from the body)

Vacuslim 48 TOTAL
60 min 90 eur

The procedure includes body care (lower part of the body, waist), hand care + lifting massage for the face

Vacuslim 48 BODY
60 min 72 eur

The procedure includes body care
(lower part of the body, waist), hand care

Vacuslim 48 LEGS
45 min 55 eur

The procedure includes body care
(lower part of the body, waist)

«Spa aromatique Slimming»

Slimmer figure and increasingly toned skin

This treatment is designed for those looking to contour their figure and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It incorporates full body exfoliation with mango and brown sugar, followed by an anti – cellulite massage with essential oils of grapefruit & mandarin and ends with the application of the slimming elastomasque containing green coffee extract, seaweed and essential oil of grapefruit.

The skin is visibly smoother and contours are more refined.

Duration 75 min

77 €

«Spa aromatique Anti-age body»

A wonderfully relaxing treatment that washes away stress and tension and leaves you with a great sense of well being. The papaya extract exfoliating lotion gently removes dead surface cells from the epidermis and prepare your body to a delightful massage with relaxing essences of lavender and marjoram. A warm essences body mask with essential oil of lavender and trace minerals will tone, firm and detoxify the skin

Duration 75 min

77 €

De-stressing massage

A true sensual spa massage with invigorating notes of lemon, lavender and thyme. The treatment provides complete relaxation and frees the body and mind from even the most intense tension.
Manudla massage techniques are inspired by different types of massage: Swedish massage, Japanese massage, as well as the Maori “Lomi Lomi Lomi” massage.
Maori “Lomi Lomi” massage.

Duration 60 min

60 €

Refreshing «Mojito»

Body exfoliation and massage

The real enjoyment for your body and soul is the fragrant cocktail treatment for the body. One part of tenderness with the melting aromatic exfoliant will cleanse your skin effectlively and softly. Let´s add one part of relaxation –

the massage with the lemon and lime oil, which brings the feelings of comfort and lightness, removes tiredness, and restores blood circulation. A drop of freshness – the peppermint toning lotion, which will make the taste of your cocktail even deeper.

Duration 45 min

55 €

Magnesium body treatment

A pronounced effect of wraps with magnesium extracted from sea water is noted after the first procedure. Assimilated through the skin, magnesium has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, helps to eliminate blocks and muscle clamps, softens the skin, giving it a healthy look and beauty. The procedure will allow you to forget about fatigue for a long time, relieve physical and emotional stress, relax and unwind. Treatment includes full body peeling, body wrap and massage with finishing cream

Duration 75 min

72 €

Eastern rituals

Ayurvedic massage
Shirodhara oil massage is a relaxing procedure that helps remove negative emotions from your body and fully harmonize body and soul. The session starts with a heating massage, and then the warm oil is trickled into the centre of the forehead, where, according to the ancient beliefs, our “third eye” is located. This is where the energy is concentrated, which should be distributed evenly all over the body. The stimulation of this area leads to complete relaxation of body and soul, getting rid of depression, insomnia, and negative emotions.

Duration 60 min

75 €


The healing Abhyanga massage is an ancient Indian healing practice. The oil massage is made on the whole body, from head to toes. Its purpose is to reach the complete harmony on both physical and energy levels. This soft massage is more like a meditation session. You are going to feel the life energy flowing through your body like a hot stream, causing bright emotions. Healing oils will help you to feel the remedial effect of Indian herbs.

Duration 50 min

73 €

Balinese massage

Immerse in a world of tranquility performed with a traditional Tropical Nuts Melting balm according to an ancestral Ritual massage from Bali. This escape includes gentle Thai pulling and traditional stretching movements.

Duration 50 min

55 €

French Polynesia massage ritual

A body massage treatment inherited from The Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deep pressure from the therapist’s forearms and long continuous movements. Tiare flower notes accompany you all along this blissful experience of instant relief.

Duration 50 min

55 €

Relaxing North African massage ritual

A genuine art of living massage that works on the entire body using delicately perfumed hot Argan oil. The expert hands of the massage therapist work on tender knots and tensions to eliminate toxins and muscle pains while promoting a state of pure wellness.

Duration 50 min

55 €

Toning Indian Ayurvedic massage ritual

This ancient Indian massage ritual is traditionally performed using warm oil. The use of techniques based on toning massage movements and various combinations of pressure, helps to remove muscle clamps. A mixture of aromatic oils of vanilla and cardamom will make your skin soft and silky.

Duration 50 min

55 €

Sultan massage

Four hands massage is the top massage making technique. The abundance of sensations is combined with the invigorating power of aromatherapy. This massage will give you pleasing sensations and relaxation, owing to the synchronous movements of the two massage therapists. The essential oil components will make your skin firm and silky.

Duration 45 min

78 €


The Indian head massage is an ancient art, at the heart of which lies the Ayurvedic healing system that has been existing in India for about one thousand years already. This massage stilumates blood circulation of hair roots and head skin and helps the hair to stay healthy and thick. The Indian massage helps the head and neck muscles to relax, removes pressure and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin of the head. This kind of massage is used for preventing insomnia, headaches, chronic eye fatigue.

Duration 30 min

38 €

Silk road

Thai massage is a very useful and pleasant procedure. Each person passes thousands of kilometers in his life, and this, in turn, cannot but affect your legs. Therefore, a relaxing massage is very good at the end of a hard working day. The surface of our foot has reflex zones, each of which is associated with a particular organ. For the stimulation of zones, certain manual techniques are used, which ensures the impact on each organ separately and on the organism as a whole.

Duration 30 min

38 €

Water rituals
"Pearl" Academie (body care capsule)

Mineral-enriched body wrap in a capsule.

Pearl powder, which is part of the wrap, activates the functions of the skin, increasing its tone, elasticity and luster. Silk powder has a moisturizing and softening effect. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by a mask with a warm wrap, after which a moisturizing cream is applied to the skin.

Duration 75 min

72 €

«Orange Fresh» (fragrant body care capsule)

Fragrant capsule treatment for the body

This citrus cocktail treatment for the body in the Harmony capsule will bring you into the sunny mood. Three super components will help the body to get rid of stress and toxic substances – the aromatic steam, infrared rays, and Vichy shower. An exquisite touch is a head massage during the capsule programme. And the last bright component is the exhilarating citrus drink.

Duration 45 min

45 €

Body peeling of your choice in a spa capsule

Spa capsule is a modern equipment with a wide range of functionality, which is one of the best in the field of health and beauty. Body peeling involves exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells, as well as external impurities of the skin, as a result of which it is renewed, the skin begins to breathe again, becomes incredibly soft, velvety and moisturized. We offer peelings to choose from: mint, mango, salt, flower.

Duration 30 min

40 €

Power of the water

Underwater shower and massage
A good way of shaping the figure. It improves the skin and muscle tone, saturates skin cells with oxygen, improves the structure and color of the skin. The underwater shower and massage stimulate the protective forces of the body, improve the mood, and provide the feelings of freshness and vivacity.

Duration 30 min

38 €

Bath with sea crystals

Sea salt bath is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing treatment and beauty procedures, which has a beneficial effect on the skin and your body in general. It stimulates blood circulation and improves metabolism, has a slight pain relieving effect, soothes the nervous system, purifies the skin and improves its appearance, tone, and elasticity.

Duration 20 min

22 €

Thalasso natural seawater bath

Nourishing seawater Thalasso Oligo saturated with minerals and trace elements, loses signs of fatigue and stress, provides deep relaxation, harmony and balance. The bath literally washed away all the negative aspects of life, refreshes and gives vitality and energy. Used to activate blood circulation, remove toxins and excess fluid from the body, improve overall tone and mood.

Duration 20 min

22 €

«Vanilla faiyitale»

Bath with  vanilla for children

The magical water filled with bubbles is whipped into a silky  foam. The bath turns into a foamy lake with an exquisite fragrance. The magical foam will bring joy to the children, while the vanilla extract will soften their skin. This procedure has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Duration 20 min

20 €

Rhea deep cleansing facial treatment with ultrasound

From the Italian brand Rhea
For a radical transformation of rapidly oily and polluted skin: a radiant, mattified, clean and smooth face.
Ultrasonic facial cleansing is an apparatus procedure to cleanse the skin of excess sebum and remove keratinized epidermal cells.

Duration 60 min

80 €

Mary Cohr "Multi Purite" + Ultrasonic cleaning

An innovation for oily, problematic skin. Purification, prevention of acne.

Indications for the procedure: oily skin, enlarged and clogged pores, uneven skin texture, impurities, comedones, redness.

Result: the skin looks clearer, without greasy radiance, the skin of the same tone.

Duration 60 min

70 €

Diamond Peel (Microdermabrasion) for face 30 min

Improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and pigmentation, stimulating collagen. Express care : makeup removal, diamond peel, finishing cream.

Duration 30 min

Price 35 €

Hydra Dermabrasion for face 30 min

Effective exfoliation of the skin, moisturizing, reducing wrinkles and pigmentation. Express care for 30 minutes: makeup removal, hydra dermabrasion, finishing cream.

Duration 30 min

Price 35 €

Face Fitness

EMS electrostimulation with the EVE ace af face device
Under the influence of a low amplitude current, the facial muscles alternately contract and relax. As a result, the facial muscles are strengthened and toned.
The procedure can be compared to fitness training, but you do not need to strain at all. The device will do everything for you!
EMS therapy is used for two purposes: on the one hand, it provides a targeted toning effect, on the other hand, it can be used to achieve a relaxing effect and reduce tension.

Duration 30 min
Price 30 €
Purchase a course of 10 treatments and receive a 20% discount.

Eve skincare procedure for face 60 min

Thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and effective moisturization of the skin. Mechanical cleansing removes dead cells, dirt, and excess oil from the skin’s surface. The procedure contributes to the restoration of skin cell metabolism, stimulates microcirculation, and lymphatic drainage. Facial care: makeup removal, diamond peeling, hydra dermabrasion, mask + massage, finishing cream.

Duration 60 min

Price 60 €

Mary Cohr «Catio LIFT»

Lifting treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation

Facial lifting treatment using „muscular stimulation“.

This facial is a unique and exclusive treatment using a stimulation function of the patented CatioVital Lift appliance which has immediate and spectacular lifting effects.

CatioLift is firming treatment for face and neck, which visibly smoothes all fine lines, lifts and fills wrinkles and firms the skin. Particular attention is given to the eye area so that a more youthful result is achieved. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30

Duration 60 min

70 €

Mary Cohr «Catiovital LIFT DELUXE»

Lifting treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation and moisturizing facial treatment

Exclusive facial treatment CatioLift Deluxe is a combination of the Mary Cohr’s two most popular treatments CatioVital + CatioLift , which gives the perfect result for the skin.The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30. Instant lifting effect, the facial skin and neck is tight, wrinkles smoothed. Skin is beautiful, moisturised, clean and complexion is radiant..

Duration 90 min

100 €

Mary Cohr «Catiovital VIP»

Personalised cleansing beauty treatment

A unique tailor made facial that provides an in depth treatment for each skin types by using an exclusive Mary Cohr´s famous CatioVital machine with its two exclusive function: deep-cleansing and in-depth penetration of the active ingredients.

Results are visible after the first treatment: leaving skin deeply cleansed, soothed, radiant and rehydrated. As a real tailor made treatment, it provides for oily skin purity, for mature skin visibly younger looking skin, it will soothe sensitive skin and nourish the dry skin.

Duration 60  min

70 €

Mary Cohr «CatioVital Eyes»

Cocktail – care for the radiance of your eyes. One of the components will be cleansing with peeling. The second component is a hydrogel – an activator that will prepare the skin for better penetration of active substances. The basis of the cocktail care is “gymnastics” exclusively for the muscles in the eye area, which improves microcirculation and restores their tone. The final accent is a relaxing massage with a moisturizing cream.

Duration 40  min

50 €

«Kamikadze» (hardware care for men)

The pearl of our cocktail list. This is a super treatment which gives immediate results! The traditional first part is cleansing. The cleansing method will be selected, taking into consideration the type of your skin.

At the heart of the treatment lies the face muscle stimulation with the help of the CatioVital Lift device developed and patented by MARY COHR. An important ingredient of the cocktail is the rejuvenating mask which smoothes out fine and deep wrinkles, making the skin more toned and firming the face contours. In the end, the cream will be applied, which is the last shade in the flavour palette and a nice finishing touch.

Duration 60  min

70 €

Manual facials
Comfort Zone "Hydra Glow"

Professional Hydramemory treatments enhanced with cryotherapy for hydrated, firm, and radiant skin. Thanks to the unique combination of a two-step peel with lactic acid and a powerful concentration of hyaluronic acid, it ensures instant hydration and radiance for the skin. Two types of massage, lymphatic drainage, and lifting massage, are performed using cryo-rollers.

Duration 60 min

70 €

Comfort Zone "Insta-hydra"

An active refreshing procedure for instant hydration, radiance, and vitality for your skin. The lifting massage using cryo-rollers provides firmness and a beautiful contour.

Duration 30 min

50 €

Rhea Renewing and moisturizing facial care for men

Facial care from the Italian brand Rhea

toning, moisturizing, soothing
Ideal if your skin is dehydrated, fragile and lacks elasticity. If you notice that your skin is flaky, especially after washing.

Duration 60 min

85 €

Precious «Ko Bi Do» face treatment

This “global anti-ageing facial ,manual anti-wrinkle treatment from the Japanese “KO BI DO” ritual paired with a regenerating mask, deeply works on wrinkles, firmness and dewy complexion and focuses on eye contour, lips, neckline and arms .Skin feels soft and youthful, spirit and mind very restful.

Duration 80 min

85 €

Facial treatment by skin type

The treatment begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation. This is followed by a relaxing massage, after which the beautician selects the appropriate products for your skin. The cream applied at the end of the procedure gives a pleasant feeling for the whole day.

Duration 50 min

55 €

"Lift" facial massage

The procedure is not only pleasant, but also very beneficial for the health and appearance of the skin. During the massage, due to the stimulation of blood circulation, the skin is saturated with a large amount of oxygen, as a result of which regenerative and metabolic processes are enhanced. Manual massage is one of the pinnacles of skin firming care

Duration 30 min

35 €

Treatments for two
Paradise joy

Programme for two includes: foot bath with lavender oil, foot massage, French Polynesian massage ritual for the whole body.
Lavender essential oil brings relaxation, peace of mind and a feeling of security. Foot massage helps to strengthen the human immune system, relieve stress, improve overall health. An exotic Polynesian full body massage ritual will help you to relax completely and enjoy the treatment.

Duration 90 min

160 €

Time for friends

Program for two includes: relaxing bath 20 min, pearl body wrap 20 min and light full body massage 30 min.

The pearl powder activates the skin’s functions, improves skin tone. The silk powder has a moisturizing and softening effect. A full body massage helps you to relax and enjoy the treatment.

Duration 70 min

120 €

Spa bachelorette

Program for two includes: luxurious bath with hydro massage for 15 min, dry body scrub for 15 min, body wrap of your choice (chocolate, grape, tea) for 30 min, lift facial massage (done during the wrap), skin hydration with gentle milk and light massage for 30 min.

Duration 90 min

140 €

Yin ja Yang

For two: hydro-massage bath with salts and essential oil 20 min.

For him: massage with lava stones (back and hands) 30 min
A harmonious combination of unique massage techniques, natural essential oils and hot stones to promote deep muscle relaxation.
Head massage 30 min
This massage helps to relax the head and neck muscles, relieves tension and improves scalp circulation.

For her: Claw massage (back and arms) 30 min.
The candle creates a special SPA atmosphere, relieves fatigue, makes the skin soft and silky.
Spa treatment for the eye area 30 min
This treatment has a specific effect on the muscles around the eyes, improving microcirculation, toning and tightening them. By the end of the first treatment session, fine wrinkles disappear, crow’s feet smoothen and the eyes look younger.

Duration 80 min

150 €

Beauty Studio

Classic manicure 60 min with nail polish  40 €        no nail polish  35 €

Spa manicure                 75 min  45 €

Manicure with gel polish

75 / 90 min  50 €

Male manicure

45 min  35 €

Children’s manicure    30 min  25 €


Classic pedicure 75 min

with nail polish 55 €

no nail polish 50 €

Pedicure with gel polish

90 min 65 €

Spa pedicure 

90 min  60 €

Male pedicure 

75 min  50 €

Children’s pedicure

40 min  35 €

Removal of gel polish

Duration 30 min 

20 €

Eyebrow tinting / eyebrow correction

Duration 30 min 

8 €/8 €

Eyelash tinting

Duration 15 min 

8 €

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