Privacy policy

This document is a privacy policy (“privacy policy”) of Noorus OÜ and its affiliates, which sets out how Noorus OÜ processes personal information about customers and other data subjects.

Noorus OÜ (Noorus SPA Hotel and Liivarand SPA Hotel) place the highest value on the satisfaction of its customers. To enable us to provide the best service possible to our customers and to fulfil our contractual relationships in an appropriate manner, Noorus OÜ collects and stores the data of its customers using the following principles. The existence of up-to-date data at Noorus OÜ ensures a correct and quick service for customers.

– Noorus OÜ undertakes to handle the personal data that has been submitted to it as strictly confidential and to protect the customer’s personal data from becoming unlawfully available to third persons through the use of effective IT security measures.

– Noorus OÜ protects the personal data entrusted to it from any unlawful use. During the processing of personal data, Noorus OÜ shall be guided by legislation, and the data shall only be collected in the amount necessary for the performance of the concluded agreements and for providing the best service to its clients.

– Noorus OÜ shall not release any personal information to any other persons, unless the obligation to release the data is based on legislation or the release of the data has been authorized by the person that they belong to.

– Noorus OÜ has the right to forward the personal data to Noorus OÜs authorized processors with the objective of utilizing the collected personal data for offering the best service possible to the customer. Noorus OÜ shall be liable for the actions of the authorized processors, and the authorized processors shall completely adhere to Noorus OÜ personal data processing principles. The chief processor is Noorus OÜ (postal address L. Koidula 19d, Narva-Jõesuu, telephone +372 35 67 100, e-mail

– Noorus OÜ may send its customers promotional offers or customer satisfaction questionnaires to improve its service quality. The customer may at any time opt out from receiving the abovementioned offers or questionnaires by informing Noorus OÜ of this.

– A customer has the right to withdraw its consent at any time and to request the deletion of his/her data from Noorus OÜs customer database by informing us via e-mail

– Noorus OÜs employees are informed of the personal information protection principles and their obligation to protect confidential information, and they shall be liable for the breach of the above-mentioned obligations.

– Noorus OÜ shall store the personal data in its databases, and the person shall have the right to access their personal data and any information concerning their activities at any time. The person shall have the right to request at any time the making of amendments to his/her personal data, if the data has changed or if it is incorrect for any other reason.

– The personal data processed by Noorus OÜ shall include the customer’s first and last name, date of birth, citizenship, address, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, use of services and purchases at points of sale.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.


With great respect,
Yours Noorus SPA Hotel

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