VIP oasis

VIP oasis is a truly private place with it´s own four different saunas, baths with relaxing water massage springs, a japanese bath, a bar and a terrace with a beautiful sea view. Guests can enjoy fresh fruits and drinks.
Visitor should be at least 18 years old.

VIP oasis operating time


Info and pre-order: +372 35 67 117

Price list

pre-booking 09:00 - 21:00
Visit 3.5 h20€32€
Hotel guest
(one-time ticket)

The price includes: a towel, a bathrobe, body peeling, tea and snacks

Special offers in the VIP oasis

Purifing & Exfoliating scrub with traditional black soap, 20 min, 20 €

Cinq Mondes
Discover this body purification process inherited from the oriental Hammam tradition. The North African Beldi black soap is an ancient recipe that deeply exfoliates while satisfying skin hunger for silkiness once applied with an authentic Kassa Mitt. This treatment in only given after the Hammam to optimize the benefits of Kassa Mitt scrub.

North African rhassoul poultice, 30 min, 25 €

Cinq Mondes
A purifying and detoxifying wrap, using a therapeutic recipe of North African Rhassoul Poultice. This natural Arabic clay promotes visible toning, silkiness and global detox to the skin. You feel transported to the magic universe of the Hammam. This treatment is only given after the Hammam or the Purifying and Exfoliating Scrub with Traditional Black Soap.

Relaxing massage, 30 min, 25€

Relaxing Spa massage is a real care – anti-stress. The main purpose of this massage is the total relaxation of the body, relief of fatigue and stress, which is achieved by relaxing the muscles, helping to reduce the number of pulses received by the cerebral cortex. This reduces its overload and helps to relieve nervous tension.

Beautiful back, 20 min, 20 €

Back massage therapy
Back massage is the best way to get rid of stress and pain in the neck, shoulder and back, also to relieve muscle spasms. This massage is performed by acting on the muscles of the neck area using a medical balm. Back massage improves blood circulation and removes general fatigue of back. Feel the powerful energy and vivacity

Flexible Like Bamboo, 20 min, 25 €

Bamboo massage
The bamboo massage is done with special sticks. Bamboo sticks are of different length and diameter, due to which they have better contact with different body parts and exert the required pressure, stimulating the reflexology points. The massage with bamboo sticks is very useful in fighting cellulite and blood circulation disorders. Besides, the bamboo massage is a miraculous cure against stress, tiredness, and minor health problems.

Silk Road, 20 min, 20 €

Thai foot massage

Thai massage is a very useful and pleasant procedure. Each person passes thousands of kilometers in his life, and this, in turn, cannot but affect your legs. Therefore, a relaxing massage is very good at the end of a hard working day. The surface of our foot has reflex zones, each of which is associated with a particular organ. For the stimulation of zones, certain manual techniques are used, which ensures the impact on each organ separately and on the organism as a whole.