Three Apples Spa offers the unique massages, which You will find only here! Health, beauty and youth are perceived by using aroma oils and herbs with healing properties combined with years of experience in traditional methods, which represents Three Apples Spa.

SPA Harmony, 50 min, 40 €

Relaxing massage
Relaxing Spa massage is a real care – anti-stress. The main purpose of this massage is the total relaxation of the body, relief of fatigue and stress, which is achieved by relaxing the muscles, helping to reduce the number of pulses received by the cerebral cortex. This reduces its overload and helps to relieve nervous tension.

Source of Life, 45 min, 40 €

Classic Swedish massage
An easy and pleasant way to relieve stress and bring the body in order – this is a general classic massage. This massage soothes and stimulates the nervous system, helps to get rid of the salt deposits and improve the functioning of muscles and ligaments. Classic massage is for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Natural power of stone, 60 min, 50 €

Massage with lava stones
Massage with volcanic stones conceals enormous opportunities for Your recovery. Harmonious combination of unique massage techniques, natural essential oils and hot stones, placed on key energy centers of the body, promotes deep relaxation of muscles and increases the intensity of metabolic processes, stimulating the flow of positive energy.

Energy of heat, 30 min, 30 €

Massage with candle
This is an extremely pleasant and very useful therapy for the skin. Candle will create a special SPA-atmosphere, relieves fatigue, improves performance (both physical and mental), will make your skin soft and silky. Warm melted wax warms and perfectly relaxes the muscles, as well as moisturizes the skin. Candle for massage is completely natural product based on beeswax with the addition of coconut oil.

Magic of aromas, 50 min, 45 €

Aromatherapy massage
The uniqueness of aromatherapy massage is in combining the two most ancient healing methods – the healing power of touch and aromatherapy. The combination of gentle manual therapy using natural essential oils will relieve You of stress, headaches, insomnia and general fatigue. You can choose the suitable aroma.

Body balance, 60 min, 48 €

Lymphatic massage
Massage, specially created to restore the natural flow of the lymphatic system. The uniqueness of this massage lies in the special rhythmic and relaxing movements using natural oils, which help to relax, improve skin texture and removes toxins. Feel the burst of strength and energy.

Beautiful back, 30 min, 30 €

Back massage therapy
Back massage is the best way to get rid of stress and pain in the neck, shoulder and back, also to relieve muscle spasms. This massage is performed by acting on the muscles of the neck area using a medical balm. Back massage improves blood circulation and removes general fatigue of back. Feel the powerful energy and vivacity

Honey Spa massage, 30 min, 35 €

Therapeutic and healing effect of the honey massage is extremely multifaceted. Due to specific massage techniques, honey is absorbed into the skin very quickly and all bioactive components of honey get easily into the blood and are included in the metabolism. The honey massage cleanses the skin intensively, since the massage technique involves an element of active peeling. This massage stimulates blood flow and breathing through the skin.

Slim figure, 45 min, 42 €

Anti-cellulite massage
This massage is an effective way to model the figure and get rid of cellulite in the most “problematic” areas of the body – hips, buttocks and belly. It helps You to reduce the unsightly cellulite bumps, excess fluid and fat without use of surgical methods and medical equipment and still enjoy it! You will achieve better results by combining this massage with body wraps.

Sweet couple, 50 min, 60 €

Relaxing massage for a couple
During this luxury massage treatment You can relax and enjoy the time spent with the one you love. The treatment begins with a relaxing bath (20 minutes), followed by a relaxing massage with the application of moisturizing body milk.

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Spa aromatique Slimming, 75 min, 50 €

Slimmer figure and increasingly toned skin
This treatment is designed for those looking to contour their figure and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It incorporates full body exfoliation with mango and brown sugar, followed by an anti – cellulite massage with essential oils of grapefruit & mandarin and ends with the application of the slimming elastomasque containing green coffee extract, seaweed and essential oil of grapefruit.
The skin is visibly smoother and contours are more refined.

Spa soothing Legs, 60 min, 45 €

Lighter-feeling, more comfortable legs
Ideal to treat heavy legs, oedema, bad circulation, visible capillaries and most suited for pregnant ladies. Brown sugar and apricot kernel powder smooth and prepare the skin to a circulation boosting massage with essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus to help decongest the skin tissue and speed up lymphatic flow. The treatment ends with the application of cotton tights soaked in a combination of pineapple extract and horse chestnut extract to decongest and strengthen the capillaries walls. The legs are visibly slimmer and feel lighter and energised.

Spa aromatique Anti-age body, 75 min, 50 €

A wonderfully relaxing treatment that washes away stress and tension and leaves you with a great sense of well being. The papaya extract exfoliating lotion gently removes dead surface cells from the epidermis and prepare your body to a delightful massage with relaxing essences of lavender and marjoram. A warm essences body mask with essential oil of lavender and trace minerals will tone, firm and detoxify the skin.

Purifing & Exfoliating scrub with traditional black soap, 40 min, 38 €

Cinq Mondes
Discover this body purification process inherited from the oriental Hammam tradition. The North African Beldi black soap is an ancient recipe that deeply exfoliates while satisfying skin hunger for silkiness once applied with an authentic Kassa Mitt. This treatment in only given after the Hammam to optimize the benefits of Kassa Mitt scrub.

Refining aromatic scrub with precious and rare spices, 30 min, 36 €

Cinq Mondes
Delight yourself in an ancestral ritual, inspired by a deeply rooted custom of body renewal from Java. With a fascinating earthy scent and a brilliant refining recipe featuring zesty spices and sea salts, you will awaken to a satin smooth skin and a stimulating sense of energy.

North African rhassoul poultice, 30 min, 36 €

Cinq Mondes
A purifying and detoxifying wrap, using a therapeutic recipe of North African Rhassoul Poultice. This natural Arabic clay promotes visible toning, silkiness and global detox to the skin. You feel transported to the magic universe of the Hammam. This treatment is only given after the Hammam or the Purifying and Exfoliating Scrub with Traditional Black Soap.

Relaxing north African massage ritual, 30 min, 36 €

Cinq Mondes
A genuine art of living massage that works on the entire body using delicately perfumed hot Argan oil. The expert hands of the massage therapist work on tender knots and tensions to eliminate toxins and muscle pains while promoting a state of pure wellness.

Tonifying Indian ayurvedic massage ritual, 50 min, 40 €

Cinq Mondes
This hot oil tonifying massage, from the millennia old Indian tradition, relies on a combination of invigorating strokes. Enjoy the vanilla and cardamom fragrances of this tretment that helps to relieve muscles, encourages sound sleep and leaves skin skilly-soft.

Enveloping Balineseb massage, 50 min, 45 €

Cinq Mondes
Immerse in a world of tranquility performed with a traditional Tropical Nuts Melting balm according to an ancestral Ritual massage from Bali. This escape includes gentle Thai pulling and traditional stretching movements.

Slimming & silhouetting Udvartana ayurvedic ritual, 60 min, 50 €

Cinq Mondes
A thousand year old Indian body slimming treatment that incorporates drainage techniques to help fight aqueous cellulite on the legs, hips and arms. This treatment is preceded by a warm body wrap to maximize detoxification and optimize the benefits of a concoction of ginger and Lipocare (a patented slimming active ingredient).

Slimming & firming Brasilian ritual, 60 min, 50 €

Cinq Mondes
Inspired by Brazilian ritual, this firming and contouring treatment combines caffeine, mellknown as the most powerful slimming ingredient, with a unique massage and kneading technique tofight fatty cellulite on the legs, abdomen, hips and arms. This treatment is followed by a fresh, firming and purifying body wrap.

Soothing french-polynesia massage ritual, 50 мин, 42 €

Cinq Mondes
A body massage treatment inherited from The Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deep pressure from the therapist’s forearms and long continuous movements. Tiare flower notes accompany you all along this blissful experience of instant relief.

Polynesian peelingг, 30 min, 32 €

Cinq Mondes
Drawing inspiration from the Polynesian Islands and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoï, made from infused Tiaré blossoms (Tahitian gardenias), raw sugar and ground coconut powder will regenerate skin and awaken the spirit.