SPA for men… There is no doubt that men are strong and handsome creatures. But even the best diamond needs polishing. SPA treatments for men, which have been developed by the experts from the “Three Apples Spa” wellness centre, can transform your body and face as well as give the feeling of vivacity and a great mood!

Energetic Tequila Sunrise, 50 min, 45 €

Relaxing face treatment
Special face treatment cocktail for men´s skin, which is often under stress in the hustle and bustle of a large city. First of all, we will get rid of dead skin cells with the help of enzymatic peeling. The second part of the cocktail is the aromatic oil for relaxing massage. We will choose the oil, depending on your skin. At the heart of this cocktail treatment lies a special mask with five plant extracts, which is deeply moisturizing, softening, toning, and wrinkle-smoothing.The finishing part is the cream application, depending on the skin type, and the results will be visible immediately.

Extreme Kamikadze, 60 min, 55 €

The pearl of our cocktail list. This is a super treatment which gives immediate results! The traditional first part is cleansing. The cleansing method will be selected, taking into consideration the type of your skin.
At the heart of the treatment lies the face muscle stimulation with the help of the CatioVital Lift device developed and patented by MARY COHR. An important ingredient of the cocktail is the rejuvenating mask which smoothes out fine and deep wrinkles, making the skin more toned and firming the face contours. In the end, the cream will be applied, which is the last shade in the flavour palette and a nice finishing touch.

Refreshing Mojito, 45 min, 45 €

Body exfoliation and massage
The real enjoyment for your body and soul is the fragrant cocktail treatment for the body. One part of tenderness with the melting aromatic exfoliant will cleanse your skin effectlively and softly. Let´s add one part of relaxation –
the massage with the lemon and lime oil, which brings the feelings of comfort and lightness, removes tiredness, and restores blood circulation. A drop of freshness – the peppermint toning lotion, which will make the taste of your cocktail even deeper.

Exotic Orange Fresh, 45 min, 35 €

Fragrant capsule treatment for the body
This citrus cocktail treatment for the body in the Harmony capsule will bring you into the sunny mood. Three super components will help the body to get rid of stress and toxic substances – the aromatic steam, infrared rays, and Vichy shower. An exquisite touch is a head massage during the capsule programme. And the last bright component is the exhilarating citrus drink.

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