Delicate Geisha, 60 min, 55 €

Face treatment
This treatment reduces the feeling of discomfort for sensitive skin. It is recommended for the skin that is prone to irritations caused by external factors. The treatment moisturizes and nourishes the skin as well as fights against the first signs of ageing. It contains the rich combination of plant extracts – lupine, corn, sunflower, carrot and rice extracts. The treatment is supplemented by the relaxing face massage, and you are going to see the results already after the first procedure.

Princess of the Rising Sun, 60 min, 60 €

Face treatment 30 +
The combination of the Japanese Kirei method and the LIFT-ROLL applicator provides the ultimate absorption of active components. The 30+ serum brings the natural complexion, shine, and vitality back to your skin. Even dull and stressed skin will regain its shine and look healthy. You are going to feel like the real princess of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Queen of the Rising Sun, 60 min, 60 €

Face treatment 40 +
Feel younger…. The Japanese Kirei method removes the first signs of ageing, increases skin firmness and elasticity, and brings back the youth with the help of the combination of А-Е-С vitamins and minerals. The LIFT-ROLL applicator and a deeper massage make the skin shine and look fresh.

Lady of the Rising Sun, 60 min, 65 €

Face treatment 50+
A fast and effective solution for a woman who wants to boost her skin tone. The 50+ serum contains the components of the plant origin, which compensate for moisture loss and reduce the signs of ageing. An amazing Japanese Kirei method together with the LIFT-ROLL applicator and the firming massage fight wrinkles and skin laxity and stimulate cell metabolism.

Source of youth, 50 min, 38 €

Rejuvenating treatment
Good skin condition as elasticity and freshness gives youthful appearance to the face. This treatment is designed for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and providing instant and long lasting benefits as well as a translucent radiant glow. Gentle balancing massage combined with mask will relax facial futures and the skin appears plumped and supple.

Source of Purity, 50 min, 38 €

Facial treatment with mechanical cleansing
The source of cleanliness for the skin! This treatment will focus on deep-cleansing, purification, extractions, and hydration to target current breakouts while helping to prevent future activity, by using plant extracts and natural enzymes. The procedure begins with the cleansing of skin’s surface and mechanical cleansing of pores. The mask and day cream applied on the face in the end restore your radiant skin and clear complexion. The treatment ensures you a clean skin and radiant and even complexion.

Source of Moisture, 50 min, 38 €

Moisturizing facial treatment
A real “moisturizing bath” for your skin! This hydrating facial will replenish lost water in the skin to smooth and plump out the skin reducing fine lines and give a fresh, youthful appearance. Gently cleansed and peeled skin will be filled with moisturizing ingredients during the relaxing massage. Followed by a mask that is a real “moisturizing bath” for the skin. Finally, the cream applied on the face provides comfort for the whole day.

Source of Serenity, 50 min, 38 €

Sensitive skin treatment
An extremely gentle facial treatment specifically developed to help combat skin sensitivity and repair damage caused by pollution, harsh climate, stress and hormonal imbalance. The treatment begins with a gentle peeling cream eliminating the dead cells from the skin, followed by a relaxing massage. The mask applied instantly relieves irritation symptoms of the sensitive skin and ensures a long-lasting sense of well-being. Your skin will be protected by a serum and cream for sensitive skin.

Catiovital VIP, 60 min, 50 €

Personalised cleansing beauty treatment
A unique tailor made facial that provides an in depth treatment for each skin types by using an exclusive Mary Cohr´s famous CatioVital machine with its two exclusive function: deep-cleansing and in-depth penetration of the active ingredients.
Results are visible after the first treatment: leaving skin deeply cleansed, soothed, radiant and rehydrated. As a real tailor made treatment, it provides for oily skin purity, for mature skin visibly younger looking skin, it will soothe sensitive skin and nourish the dry skin.

Catio LIFT, 60 min, 50 €

Lifting treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation
Facial lifting treatment using „muscular stimulation“.
This facial is a unique and exclusive treatment using a stimulation function of the patented CatioVital Lift appliance which has immediate and spectacular lifting effects.
CatioLift is firming treatment for face and neck, which visibly smoothes all fine lines, lifts and fills wrinkles and firms the skin. Particular attention is given to the eye area so that a more youthful result is achieved. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30.

Catiovital LIFT DELUXE, 90 min, 75 €

Lifting treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation and moisturizing facial treatment
Exclusive facial treatment CatioLift Deluxe is a combination of the Mary Cohr’s two most popular treatments CatioVital + CatioLift , which gives the perfect result for the skin.The treatment is suitable for all skin types. It has a firming effect and it is recommended from the age of 30. Instant lifting effect, the facial skin and neck is tight, wrinkles smoothed. Skin is beautiful, moisturised, clean and complexion is radiant..

Eye Repair, 35 min, 38 €

Nooruslikuma silmaümbruse saavutamiseks ning miimiliste kortsukeste elimineerimiseks, pakub Mary Cohr tõhusat, kuid õrna lahendusega silmaümbrushooldust – Eye Repair. Antud hooldus toimib spetsiaalselt silmaümbruse sõõrlihastele, et parandada mikrovereringet, neid toniseerida ja pinguldada. Esimese hooldusseansi lõpuks kaovad peenikesed kortsud, “kanavarbad” silutakse ja silmad näivad nooremad.

Beaute Aromatique, 50 min, 40 €

Personalised treatment with energising essential oils
This is a customized skincare treatment based on aromatic essential oils and can be adapted to suit all individual skincare concerns: balancing, soothing, stimulating, moisturising or revitalising. It features our signature massage, using digital pressure points and shiatsu massage techniques. Only the finest natural ingredients are used in this perfect spa treatment, which gives a nice relaxation and well-being.
Relaxed, beautiful and radiant skin. Skin is loaded with energy, all the functions of the skin are balanced, comfortable feeling restored. The good mood is guaranteed!

Dermo Peeling, 45 min, 80 €

Skin-renewing treatment, plus a lift effect
A skin renewal treatment with acids that erases visible signs of ageing, recovers a radiant complexion, lightens pigment spots and smooths wrinkles.

BALI flowers and fruits ritual, 75 min, 48 €

Skin renewal facial
Deep cleansing treatment,skin perfector and „radiance booster“ inspired by Balinese beaty rituals.Take full advantage of the benefiits of the natural tropical flowers and natural AHA fruit acids active ingredients to restore purified and smoothed skin for a radiant complexion.

BALI flowers ritual, 30 min, 28 €

Express radiance facial
Enjoy the delicate scents of the tropical flowers of this “express radiance” treatment, paired with a relaxing massage of the face, neck and scalp. Inspired by Balinese beauty rituals, discover the virtues of this treatment combining skin cleansing, well-being and beauty.

KO BI DO, 80 min, 68 €

This “global anti-ageing facial ,manual anti-wrinkle treatment from the Japanese “KO BI DO” ritual paired with a regenerating mask, deeply works on wrinkles, firmness and dewy complexion and focuses on eye contour, lips, neckline and arms .Skin feels soft and youthful, spirit and mind very restful.

Five flowers ritual, 75 min, 50 €

Illuminescence facial
Based on an ancestral Balinase rituaal,this treatment includes a purifying deep pore clensing and blends the extracts of five tropical flowers and a skin glowing patented ingridient, the Kombuchka. A mesmerizing massage of the face,nape and shoulder muscles awakens skin vitality.

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