Pregnancy and maternity are the most beautiful periods in the life of any woman. Our experts at the “Three Apples Spa” will help you to enjoy every single moment of these uinque time periods. Our treatments will help to reduce puffiness, improve well-being, nervous system, and sleep, and come back into shape fast after giving birth.

Sea Breeze, 40 min, 38 €

Massage for pregnant women
A special massage for pregnant women restores and harmonizes the energy balance of the body perfectly, and also helps to remove muscle spasms.

Sea Nymph, 45 min, 35 €

Exfoliation with sea crystals for the body
The relaxing, purifying, and nourishing treatment. It will make your skin soft, smooth, and velvety. It is made for deep cleansing, nourishment, and rejuvenation of skin. This treatment helps to relax and get the emotional pleasure, which is very important during pregnancy.

Running on the Waves, 45 min, 40 €

Light feet treatment
Special treatment for “heavy” feet. The feeling of heaviness in the feet is caused by the painful tension in the veins, which women often endure during pregnancy and after giving birth. The toning gel for the feet activates blood circulation and provides the feelings of freshness, relaxation, and lightness to the feet. The drainage mask with special bandages removes puffiness from tired feet.

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