The secrets of self-care, which have been kept for centuries and passed on to next generations by the ancient men of wisdom, are now going to come to your service and make you even more beautiful and healthy! You will be able to see the true value of professional eastern treatments.

Thai Herbal, 50 min, 48 €

Thai massage with warm pouches
The massage with warm poches is one of the most ancient procedures, which is based on the soft effect of warmth in combination with the elements of aromatherapy and acupressure. Full-featured relaxation with the soft heating of the muscles of the entire body – this is how this massage works. In addition to heating, the effect of active ingredients in the herbal tea is also very important in this procedure. The pouch massage stimulates life energy. The pouch massage is not only a very useful, but also an extremely enjoyable procedure.

Flexible Like Bamboo, 45 min, 42 €

Bamboo massage
The bamboo massage is done with special sticks. Bamboo sticks are of different length and diameter, due to which they have better contact with different body parts and exert the required pressure, stimulating the reflexology points. The massage with bamboo sticks is very useful in fighting cellulite and blood circulation disorders. Besides, the bamboo massage is a miraculous cure against stress, tiredness, and minor health problems.

Abhyanga, 50 min, 60 €

Ayurveda massage
The healing Abhyanga massage is an ancient Indian healing practice. The oil massage is made on the whole body, from head to toes. Its purpose is to reach the complete harmony on both physical and energy levels. This soft massage is more like a meditation session. You are going to feel the life energy flowing through your body like a hot stream, causing bright emotions. Healing oils will help you to feel the remedial effect of Indian herbs.

Arabica, 60 min, 50 €

Exclusive coffee wrapping
It is a well-known fact that the strong coffee flavour boosts our mood. The delicate texture of the products that are used in this treatment guarantees perfect results. The coffee treatment removes excessive liquid from your body, helps to lose weight, shapes the figure, boosts skin elasticity and fights ageing. Caffeine burns fat, which is why this treatment has both the firming and the slimming effect. This treatment is perfectly suitable after liposuction, giving birth, and dieting.

Chambi, 30 min, 32 €

Indian head massage
The Indian head massage is an ancient art, at the heart of which lies the Ayurvedic healing system that has been existing in India for about one thousand years already. This massage stilumates blood circulation of hair roots and head skin and helps the hair to stay healthy and thick. The Indian massage helps the head and neck muscles to relax, removes pressure and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin of the head. This kind of massage is used for preventing insomnia, headaches, chronic eye fatigue.

Golden Sakura, 60 min, 55 €

luxurious golden wrapping
This luxurious treatment will make you “dive into gold”! This is a very glamorous treatment for your body. The wrapping will cover your skin with beautiful glow. This exquisite treatment nourishes and moisturizes your skin. It becomes firmer and regains its vitality. It is especially recommended as a day-off treatment. The sun energy, gold, and “golden seaweed” are combined in two products. These products will give shine and glow to your skin.

Sultan Massage, 45 min, 60 €

Four hands massage
Four hands massage is the top massage making technique. The abundance of sensations is combined with the invigorating power of aromatherapy. This massage will give you pleasing sensations and relaxation, owing to the synchronous movements of the two massage therapists. The essential oil components will make your skin firm and silky.

Shirodhara, 60 min, 62 €

Ayurvedic massage
Shirodhara oil massage is a relaxing procedure that helps remove negative emotions from your body and fully harmonize body and soul. The session starts with a heating massage, and then the warm oil is trickled into the centre of the forehead, where, according to the ancient beliefs, our “third eye” is located. This is where the energy is concentrated, which should be distributed evenly all over the body. The stimulation of this area leads to complete relaxation of body and soul, getting rid of depression, insomnia, and negative emotions.

Toning Indian Ayurvedic Massage Ritual, 50 min, 45 €

This ancient Indian massage ritual is traditionally performed using warm oil. The use of techniques based on toning massage movements and various combinations of pressure, helps to remove muscle clamps. A mixture of aromatic oils of vanilla and cardamom will make your skin soft and silky.

Silk Road, 30 min, 30 €

Thai foot massage

Thai massage is a very useful and pleasant procedure. Each person passes thousands of kilometers in his life, and this, in turn, cannot but affect your legs. Therefore, a relaxing massage is very good at the end of a hard working day. The surface of our foot has reflex zones, each of which is associated with a particular organ. For the stimulation of zones, certain manual techniques are used, which ensures the impact on each organ separately and on the organism as a whole.

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