Vanilla Fairytale, 20 min, 18 €

Bath with milk and vanilla
The magical water filled with bubbles is whipped into a silky “milky foam”. The bath turns into a snow-white lake with an exquisite fragrance. The magical foam will bring joy to the children, while the vanilla extract will soften their skin. This procedure has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Growth Massage, 30 min, 25 €

Massage for children
The gentle body massage, which makes the child familiar with the miraculous world of SPA treatments. It is suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old. The massage for children is a pleasant procedure which improves the well-being of a child. It is very important to help the little naughty ones to relax and to strengthen their muscles, which will provide their healthy growth!

Pedicure for a Little Ballet Dancer, 40 min, 25 €

Pedicure for children
Our children do not only need mother´s care and affection. Just like adults, they want to look pretty from head to toes. This is especially true about girls, who like to copy their mothers. Peep-toe sandals in summer and beautiful pedicure, just like the adults have, will please every single little girl.

Bright-Coloured Pictures, 30 min, 15 €

Manicure for children
This procedure is for the smallest fashion lovers, who like to copy their mothers so much. No one is going to cut the tender skin of a child, of course, but the relaxing hand and feet massage as well as the neatly filed nails are definitely the dream of every little girl. We can also apply special nail polish for children, which will do no harm to the little Miss, but bring a lot of positive emotions.

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